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Trans Women + Sex = Awesome

When it comes to popular culture and human sexuality, few bodies are  lower in the sexual spectrum than trans women. Up until recently, trans women were often poorly depicted and overtly sexualized by media: exploitative and problematic “she-male” porn; sitcoms and movies joking about discovering the woman a character was dating was “really” a man; Craigslist personal encounters demanding “passable” trans women, conflating trans people and cross-dressers; the list goes on and on.

Trans Women + Sex = Awesome is written in the hopes of combating all that cultural bullshit, at least a little bit. Specifically, the author hopes to address two major topics:

  • Physical intimacy with trans women
  • Physical intimacy as trans women, both solo and with partners

Janesville School Board bans discrimination against transgender students

School Lockers

The Janesville School District has adopted a policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room of the gender with which they identify if it’s OK with their parents and principals.

The policy said the school will provide reasonable accommodations for transgender students after receiving written requests from their parents or guardians. School principals must approve the requests.

For many trans and gender diverse youth, school can be a very intimidating, and at times, scary environment to express their authentic gender identity. Supportive and inclusive policies are a step in the right direction for EVERYONE and will improve the lives of EVERYONE. 

Subcutaneous Testosterone: An Effective Delivery Mechanism for Masculinizing Young Transgender Men

The days of using an 1.5” long needle to inject your T are gone. For those out there that use testosterone, there is an alternative to intramuscular injections. 

In a recent study by Dr. Jo Olson of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, it wasfound that subcutaneous testosterone injection is an effective delivery mechanism for testosterone delivery among trans* men.

Want to learn more? Read the study at

For Transgender College Students, A New Year Means Educating Professors — Again

Its that time of year again. School is back in session. For most, it means cracking open the textbooks, working hard and trying try to make a good grade. 

For many gender diverse individuals, it means having to come out to a wave of professors all over again and educating professors and peers about what it means to be gender diverse. 

For some this may be an empowering experience, while for others, it may be overwhelming and overpowering. 

The Gender Expansion Project is here to help. Whether your need help with getting your legal documents in order, help with getting the correct housing at your university or just need some advice on how to talk to your professors, we can help. 

Contact us at or by calling 406-848-1220. 

Commission charts path for open transgender military service

The U.S. military could bring an immediate end to the ban on transgender service members, according to a new report.

In the study, released this week, a nine-member commission determined that allowing open service by transgender people would be “neither excessively complex nor burdensome.” This new report comes five months after a similar study debunked the outdated medical rationale for the ban.

All-female college adopts new policy to admit transgender students

Mills College

Mills College, an all-female college in Oakland, California, becomes the first sex college in the nation to adopt trans inclusive enrollment policies. 

The policy allows for anyone who self-identifies as a woman to apply to the school, including transgender women, and those who “do not fit into the gender binary” but who were assigned the female sex at birth.

Transgender 101 for trans people

Transgender 101 for trans people
Transition is complicated and confusing, and crucial information for those early in transition and those wanting to be more informed about trans healthcare is not necessarily all there or in one place. 

Open Minded Health has created a great Transgender 101 for Trans People.

Check out this great resource.

N.J. School Reverses Position, Will Let Trans Teen Attend As Girl She Is

Rachel Pepe

Thanks to the efforts of Garden State Equality and activists just like YOU, Rachel Pepe can now attend school as herself. 

Activism works. Don’t stand down to inequalities. Together, as activists, we continue to make the world a more understanding space.

There’s no such thing as a ‘sex change’

As trans identity and trans individuals are ever increasingly visible in modern media, it is important to keep in mind that those of gender diversity are being accurately depicted in media. 

This short video does a great job of breaking down how to talk about, talk with, or report on trans people and trans issues

Council defeats NDO by 6-5 count

We are saddened by the city council’s rejection of the Billings Non-Discrimination Ordinance, which was rejected in a 6-5 vote. 

We want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly toward creating equality in Billings. We will not accept defeat. We will persevere until everyone in the city of Billings and the state of Montana can be treated equally, with fairness and respect, under the law. #BillingsNDO

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